Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two Days 'Til I'm a Dad: Name That Puppy!

Oh, isn't he just adorable? The one on the right? And his spitfire little sis currently called Minnie--isn't she tiny? And the other two are perfectly cute as well, but my little guy is just soooo precious.

And nameless still.

What shall I call him?

I've had suggestions of Zeus and Gomez. I like them both, but I'm going to have to keep the voting open for a while.

Meanwhile, I just want to say that I cannot imagine how expectant parents ever STAND it. It seriously takes all of my will to do anything at all other than freak out about whether the puppy will like his new home and best friend. Will he cry for days? Will he refuse to eat? Will he forget all the potty training he already has?

My heart is breaking for this little guy. Actually, Little Guy is the name my friend who's the breeder calls him. I like it, but not enough to saddle him with it for life. I'd rather, I think, just wait until I'm able to bond with him a little more. I promise I'll blog about real things (fashion, celebrities, maybe some politics) soon enough, but it's more than my wee brain can handle just now with all the space taken up by Little Guy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

probably you have a name already, but more I have thought of are:
Agamemnon (non! non! Agamemnon!)

September 3, 2007 at 2:57 PM  

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